What To Look For

It’s important not to be fooled by any of the hundreds of term paper websites out there that make big promises. Many promise real English speakers, but farm out their papers to foreign students and ESL grads. We encourage you to shop around, so here’s a primer on what to look for and what to avoid. lookfor

A unique document just for you

Some term papers sites make their money by supplying the same, tired old papers over and over again, sometimes even with decades-old sources and spelling mistakes. These paper mills sued to advertise in the backs of magazines, now the Internet makes it easy to look impressive while still passing off the work of others for bargain basement prices. Beware of buying a cheap paper from a database, it could have been sold to hundreds or even thousands of other students. There’s no telling what any of these people has done with the paper once they bought it, and remember, if you found it, someone else did too. When that paper gets run through TurnItIn.com it will certainly be flagged as plagiarized content. If your teacher wants footnotes, then we do footnotes. If your professor wants charts and graphs, then we make sure it has them. Does your professor want some special format unique to their class? No problem. The point is to give your teacher a document that raises no eyebrows or sticks out in any way, besides being an excellent paper that gets you the grade you deserve.

Highly qualified writers

The best papers come from the best writers. We have very strong screening process at TermPaperCustom. For every ten writers we test one or two make the cut.  All writers are screened for qualifications, writing ability, punctuality, and ability to follow instructions. All writers are native English speakers with college degrees. We never use lower-priced ESL students (English as a Second Language) like many other companies. We have to pay our writers more than other firms, but the quality we produce far exceeds the price premium, and sets us apart from everyone else in the industry. Some companies use big promises to get as many customers in the door as possible. For just $7 to $15 a page, they say, they can get Ph.D. writers to give you great work. These companies do very little or no editing of their ‘finished product.’ Despite their promises of lofty credentials, most of their writers are from foreign countries like Pakistan, Romania and the Ukraine, where employees will work for $3 to $5 a page. Since companies like these have a revolving door of ready and eager clients, customer satisfaction is not high on their agenda. They send out your paper, often to a foreign writer with the slimmest comprehension of our language, and give it right back to you ‘as is.’ We’ve never come across anyone who meets our qualifications, with or without a PhD, that will write for $7 per page. Good wages get good writers. When it comes to impossible bargain prices, buyer beware. You get what you pay for.

Guaranteed on-time delivery

There is nothing worse than being promised something, looking forward to it, and then being disappointed. Everyone has had this happen to them at some point, including us. A number of times every semester we get emails from clients who have paid someone else to do an assignment, and they never got it, never were able to get a response from their writer after payment, or got delayed again and again. That’s why we make sure our customers will always get what they paid for when they are expecting it. The deadline you set for us may as well be written in stone. We do encourage our customers to plan ahead as it gives us more time to write the best possible essay, and it is cheaper for them. We understand that this isn’t always possible, and that emergencies do come up. That is why our writers are available around the clock, and are willing to work long and hard hours for very quick turnarounds.

Responsive customer service.

How does the company handle communication? Our customer written order system lets you talk directly with the writer with 100% privacy. You’re welcome to email us, but we don’t force ourselves between the writer and customer, enabling direct communication without a go-between. If there’s a crisis, or you just need some soothing of your nerves, you can talk to a real person familiar with your order. We also have a real phone number that goes to a real phone where you can talk with a the real administrators. We’re not available 24 hours a day, but we are available 7 days a week, and if you miss us and have leave us a voice-mail we will call you back as soon as we can. We encourage email communication, but sometimes you just need to hear a human voice, and we’re here.