How We’re Different

Writing a lengthy term paper from scratch can be one of the most frightening assignments for any student. Not only the writing itself, but the reading, researching, outlining and thinking involved can be an overwhelming prospect for most people. This is especially true if the term paper is left to the last minute! We help make the entire process easier to help you succeed.

Quality, Punctuality, Reliability

Quality: Hire the best writers and have strong quality controls

The best papers come from the best writers. We have very strong screening process at TermPaperCustom. For every ten writers we test one or two make the cut.  All writers are screened for qualifications, writing ability, punctuality, and ability to follow instructions. All writers are native English speakers with college degrees. We never use lower-priced ESL students (English as a Second Language) like many other companies. We have to pay our writers more than other firms, but the quality we produce far exceeds the price premium, and sets us apart from everyone else in the industry.

Punctuality: Writing on tight deadlines is a special talent

Most of our orders are for papers that need to be finished in days, not weeks. The ability to produce quality content in such a short period of time is a special talent in itself, one that most writers just don’t have. As mentioned above, most writers we test just don’t make the cut. You trust us with your needs, and we can’t afford to miss your deadlines. For over ten years, we’ve delivered thousands of papers and tens of thousands of pages on time, every time. Our custom-created order processing system allows the writers and customers to communicate directly and quickly while preserving the anonymity of both parties. No writer ever knows the identity of a customer, guaranteeing privacy. this communication system means that if there are any questions, changes, or discussions needed for any reason, there’s an easy way to clarify any and all details.

Reliability: “Great, now do it all again.”

It’s great to be able to turn around a paper for a client in a few days and see how happy they are with the results. Our writers have to be able to do it again and again, and only the best last. To ensure the high level of quality each and every time, we created a completely custom order processing system. After the writer finishes their assignment, each paper is reviewed by an administrator before being made available for the customer. We have our own plagiarism checker so that we can know if there will be a problem with the paper before the customer ever see it. With our writer review procedures, this rarely is a problem, but our process ensures you’ll have plagiarism free papers every time.

Satisfied customers are repeat customers.

The majority of our customers are long term, repeat customers. We wouldn’t be able to keep them coming back time after time if we produced second-tier content. In order to get our customers to trust us enough to repeat a transaction, we have to deliver term papers written in perfect English, using the professor’s exact instructions, on time. That’s why we have interactive writer forums where you can share all the important information that pertains to your papers. You can upload articles or your professor’s instructions, leave comments or guidance for your writer and check the status of your assignments.

All of this together means we can deliver a level of quality that other companies just can’t match.