Free Resources

Formatting Your Papers

APA or Harvard Style, and MLA or Modern Language Association

How do you properly cite a quote from a scholarly journal? A regular book? A website? The Owl at Purdue tells you how to do these things in APA or MLA

Chicago Formatting

This windy city format is the one with the footnotes, folks. Diana Hacker’s website tells you how to format in four main academic paper categories, including humanities, social sciences, history and and hard sciences. She also has tips for evaluating source materials, and a glossary for the hundreds of terms which are part of the researcher’s lingo.

CSE Formatting
Council of Science Editors Formatting is the preferred method of referencing for biology, chemistry, genetics and other science papers. There are actually three formats to know: CSE’s name year system is very simple, but the citation sequence and citation name systems use in-text numbering that is different from traditional footnotes or endnotes. The numbers are not sequential; each number refers to a specific source.

College Survival Guide

For Incoming Freshmen
A basic but practical website that talks about roommate survival, choosing a major, what to eat and even how to join clubs and groups.

Surviving the Credit Card Game
Predatory lending, fine print and short term gratification. This recipe being brewed in America’s colleges today tastes like disaster, but you don’t have to swallow it. Learn how to serve yourself financially at The Truth About Credit Cards.

FAFSA and More for the Needy Student
This is an informative blog with information about student loans, budget gift giving and how to earn money over holiday breaks. Check it out!


Online Libraries, Databases and Resources

Library Paysites
The two paysites that Term Paper Custom recommends are and Questia indexes and scans all manner of scholarly journals, besides having a large library of electronic books on hand. This can be an exceptional resource for someone who has difficulty getting to a large or university library.

Cliff Notes, Book Summaries and More
Sparknotes is a free online version of Cliff Notes. Just search for a book and get a summary of character analysis, plot, themes and other literary elements. This site also has information for science, history and more. This can be a great way to get a paper started, or to get you out of a jam.