Frequently Asked Questions, and answers!

Is this practice legal?

  • Most certainly, yes. The First Amendment protects free speech, and copyright law provides that authors can sell their work to others for whatever purposes they wish. In fact, it’s done everyday by well known writers and politicians under the term “ghostwriting”.

How do I know that my paper will be original?

  • Many companies try to pass off papers that have been handed in hundreds of times as original work, and you the student can end up getting burned. We never do this. When you place an order with us, one of our team of writers creates an entirely new document just for you. Each document is written by a native English speaker, on the spot and to your precise requirements. That’s why we ask for so much information from you in the order process, so that we can most accurately serve your needs. We encourage our customers to check for originality: try inserting various phrases from any paper you receive from us into any search engine. We guarantee you will never find the work of others in our papers without proper, quoted attribution.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

  • As everything we do is written specifically for every order, we are not a business of inventory, and every order requires fresh labor and time. As with almost every custom-product business, we have to pay for this time and labor now, and if the order is canceled, we have an unsellable product that has cost us money. Prepayment is commonplace with made-to-order products to ensure the customer is serious and that the business can operate profitably. Don’t be nervous, we’ve been around for years and have delivered thousands of quality papers.

I’ve seen sites that charge $5.99 a page. Why should I pay you $20.00 or more per page?

  • Many sites that claim to offer custom term papers are really selling pre-written documents. Besides being plagiarized and ‘out there’ on the Internet for anyone to find, these papers might not have anything to do with what you requested! For example, you may need a very specific paper comparing the themes in three Greek tragedies, but if you order from a cheap term paper site, you could receive something on the life of Homer. Sites that make their money from huge, pre-written databases figure that’s close enough. Everything TermPaperCustom sells is custom written for you based on your needs and the answers you provide during the order process
  • Another problem with cheaper sites is that even if their papers are customized, they are usually written by one of the thousands of foreigners and ESL (English as Second Language) students making a living off of American universities. Despite their best efforts, these writers can’t help but produce papers that are poorly conceived and riddled with grammatical and formatting mistakes. Revisions are useless; companies that employ ESL writers usually have zero customer service. A writer without sufficient knowledge of the English language cannot produce a quality document no matter how many times he or she tries. TermPaperCustom only employs the best graduates from highly rated American schools who are NATIVE English speakers. While using third world writers is profitable for some fly by night operations in the short run, we put quality first and want to keep our customers for many years. The only way we can do that is by paying quality wages to skilled writers, which in turn means we have to charge more than the ESL sites.

How will I receive my paper?

  • All papers are delivered electronically through our website. If you require source materials used in your paper to be shipped to you in printed form, we can arrange this for an extra fee.

Why should I use your company?

In one word, quality.

  • There are a lot of reasons to use a term paper service: relieving stress from school, work or family issues, the desire to accelerate your graduation, or the need to get a tough assignment or class out of the way successfully. TermPaperCustom is a tool that is best used by successful students who want to get where they are going either more quickly or more easily. Perhaps there are certain classes that have nothing to do with your degree or career, but are required nonetheless. Maybe there is even a big assignment that is in your major, but you find yourself falling behind in other areas of your life. Whatever the reason, our service works best with those who have clear goals and expectations for what we can do for them and who tell us exactly what they want!

I’ve never done this before. Is it safe?

  • If by safe you mean that your paper will never be resold or redistributed in any way, that it will never show up on the internet and will be completely original, and that your identity is completely secure and private, then yes, it is safe. TurnItIn.com and other agencies have been very successful busting students for plagiarism but this only works when a student copies from another source! TurnItIn.com themselves are being charged with plagiarism by taking student work for use in their own software! Since all of our work is 100% original, we are immune to services like TurnItIn.com. Think of us as writing the quality paper you would have written yourself. Your essay is just for you and no one else.

Will my teacher find out?

  • No, as stated above, your teacher “finding out” is impossible. And if there are certain limitations or style issues with your way of writing, we are willing to work with you to come up with a paper that fits your personality and that your teacher will not think twice about.

Is this plagiarism?

  • No! All our work is original. The proper term for our service is “ghostwriting”. Plagiarism refers to the use of sources that already have authors, but without giving them proper credit, passing off the work as original. Every day, thousands of books and articles are composed using ghostwriters, who receive pay but no author credit for their work. Ghostwriters are responsible for many screenplays, political speeches, and books, including the Pulitzer prize winning Profiles in Courage ‘written’ by President John F. Kennedy.

Do you guarantee that I will get an A?

  • While we promise top quality, unfortunately we cannot guarantee perfect grades, because we cannot control all of the variables that go into an assignment or a class, nor do we control your teacher or professor. Whether you have gone to class all semester, whether your teacher ‘likes’ you, your overall reputation, all of these things can play a part in the letter grade that you get on any one assignment. We do guarantee you will be happy with our work, and if a professor gives one of our papers an unfair grade we will work with you and ‘tell you what to say’ to him or her to try to help you get the appropriate grade, and we’ll examine what can be done to alter the paper to fit their criteria. Our work stands on its own merits, and we will go to bat for our clients if a teacher is being unreasonable.

Could I pay half now and half later, when you finish?

  • Due to the large amount of up front investment of work on our part, we can only start work when we have received full payment in advance. It is not feasible for us to do “half papers”. Essay writing is complex and requires a great deal of research and thought before a single word is written. If we wrote half papers, this would result in a lot of wasted work for us and reduced quality for you. We are a full service site, and we take great pride in our finished products.

I have an exam coming up and I want one of your experts to take it. How much do you charge?

  • This is part of the services that we provide and the answer is: it depends. Number of questions, format of test (multiple choice, essay, combination, etc), level of course and amount of required knowledge all factor in to how much we charge. Please email us with all of the details about your class and exam and we will promptly get back to you with a quote.

How do I know my paper will be on time.

  • We are always on time. We realize how important it is for students to keep their obligation to their professors to be punctual with their work. It is therefore critical that we are punctual with our clients.

How do I pay for my paper?

  • We accept all major credit cards and utilize PayPal as a payment processor. Simply fill out all the fields on the order form, and you will be taken to a payment page to enter your payment data on our secure server.

I do not have a credit card. How can I pay you?

  • There are a number of ways we can work this out. Please email us for details.

I have another question.